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Mattel Buggy Collection - 1973?

1" Mattel car clickable 1" Mattel car

...info anyone?...

Stock Car Classy Crashers (Red) Stock Car Classy Crashers (orange)
Stock Car Classy Crashers (orange side) Telefoni Intercomunicanti phone set
Pocket Match of the Day Pocket Match of the Day (lights)
Car Capers Action Man (original)
Big Bully *coming soon* Big Bully (matador)
Action Man (blonde) Action Man (bearded)
The Echo Killer - 1984 Waddington's Circular Jigsaw
1970 Esso football club foil stickers Magic Roundabout Dominoes
Shiver & Shake Annual (cover '75) Shiver & Shake (Creepy Creatures)
School book (City of Birmingham 1977?) Tell Me spinner

Figurini Panini sticker books of 1979.

auto & moto

AUTO had absolutely everything for the car fan - Hunt, Lauda, Fittipaldi, Scheckter, Watson, Ragazzoni, Mass, Laffite, Keegan, Jones, Blomqvist and Waldegaard. The cars of the day read like the classifieds in a classic car mag...... Chrysler Alpine, BL SD1, TR7, XJS, Capri, Fiat X1/9, Mirafiori, Lancia Beta 2000, Datsun 120Y, Opel Manta, Scimitar, Chevette & Scirocco.

Concurrently MOTO pandered to the two-wheelers with the likes of Hans Muller, Ballington, Mamola, Ditchburn, Hartog, Sheene, Cecotto, Baldwin, Noyce and Ole Olsen. The bikes......Ducati 900, CB400N & 900F, Kwakker Z650 & 1000, Triumph Bonny & Tiger 750's, Cagiva SST 250 and BSA's Goldstar 500.

Collections thanks to 6 tons of PG Tips loose tea. Those famous cards are, alas, no more.

play better soccer police 5

Chad Valley - 1972?




chad2 chad7

chad3 chad4


chad bricks

chad bricks2

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