The Wess Midlunds Dickshunry & translator

Yowwa goyd to conversinn in Brummidgem, The Black Country, Wess Midlunds and other places of Inderland...

30 minutes past arrparrst affpass or affpast
a long time fraiges
a poe guzzunda  
a week wik
a whole one a wullun  
absolutely tennarf  
alcohol alcowol
Aldridge Uldridge  
all right? awlroit? arrat?
always awlwiz
ambulance nee-narr ambleance
an Off Licence an outdoor (the pub)  
an outside kitchen drain   suff
angry or displeased gorra cobbon
annoyed on a line got a cob on{updated}
to annoy to give the pip
apple napple
aqueduct   ackerdocks
are you ok? yew awlroit? yamorrite?
are you serious? cummoffitt  
as well as annawl ("I av annawl")  
ask ax ("oi axed a if erd gew")  
being awkward having your arse in your hand{updated}
baby babbee or nippa bab
backwards or wrong arse bakkads{updated}
bad cup of tea   Arbun edge ("tests loik leeves from an Arbun egde!")
Balsall Heath Ball Salleef Borsilleef
banana narna
Bartley Reservoir   rezza
been bin
bend in the road a wonk
bile bile boil
Birmingham Brummigem or Burmingum Bir-nin-em
bleak weather   mizzly
boil bile
bottle bockle bottull
boy bi boy
Brierley Hill Broilyill Broily Eel
broken bostidd bost 
Brother aar kid
BSA motorbike beeza
burnt dinner "as black as the grate"{updated}
Bus buzz buss 
buy bi boy
can you not? carntcha? corya?
canal cut  
cannot carnt cor
car mowta  
Castle Bromwich Cassull Brommitch Cassill Brummich
certificate sertificate or statificate sustificate
cheese bung ole chayz
Chelmsley Wood Chemmo Chemzloy Wud
chest trouble bronical weezin
chimney chimly or chimdny chimbley
cigarette fake
cigarette stub nubbend  
cinema the pictures blood tub (horror) or fillums
coach trip sharrabang
coat cowt cowatt
cold parky code
Coleshill Colesull Cozeel
Cornwall Cornmaul  
Cotteridge Cot Ridge  
Coventry Cov Cuventroy
crisps cripps
crumpets poiklits pykelitts
crying blartin or grizzeling  
curse blastidd! ("the blastidd dowarr angle's cum orf aggen") bluddyell!
cuticles & fingernail skin (cut or sore) backfriend or quick
daft barmy yampy
did not daint day or bay
did you? avya? ay-ya?
didn't you? daintcha? day-ya?
Digbeth Digbuff  
dinner tea  
dirty riffy
dismay gerraway!  
do you want to? jawanna  
doesn't it? doanit? dowitt?
door dower doowar
drowning drownding
Dudley Dugly Dudloy
dustbin   Miskin
ear earowl lug ole
Edgbaston Edgbastunn Idgbastin
engine injinn  
England Inderland  
Erdington Erdintun  
espresso (coffee) express-o
evesham Eeveeshumm Eevshum
excuse me! angabout! dyow moind!
extremely good a roit bosta
face dial or diol fizzog
to fall over goo a purler{updated}
fantastic bostin
far away lung  
fed up gerron me wick or goat  
female wench or duck or bab
file (hand tool) file foil
fire fire foi-a
Five Ways Foive wayz Foive Wez
floor flowwa floa
foil file foil
food grub fittle
for example frinstance  
for me fruss ("gew up the bar fruss?")  
foyer foryay foir
friend alloy mucker
garage garidge  
garden garding  
get off gerroff  
give me gizza (gizza gew then) gi-uss
give you giya gidya
go gew or goo
goes on guzzon  
goodbye trarr trarrabit
Great Barr Gratebar Gret Bore
haddock adduck addick
Hagley Adly Agloy
Halesowen Ailzowwing Ales Owin
Hall green Orlgreen Orl Groin
hands donnies honds
Handsworth andswurff Andzwuff
happy or in one's element in his oil-tot{updated}
Harbourne Arbun Arbun
hello oya, worro, wotcha or orrite Oya
her err ("err sez err aynt gewin")  
here you are ee-arr  
hers ern errs
Highters Heath Iters Eef Oiters Eef
Hockley Okli Ockloy
Hodge Hill Ojill  
home um howamm
horrible sorribull or voil (vile){updated}  
hospital hoss pickle horse pickle
how are you? orrite? adu? or owamya?
husband or dad olman owlmon
I am oim ar bin
I am definitely ennarf  
I am not oyent ar bay
I assume… spoze  
I didn't daynt ar bay
I won't wunt ar wow
ice cream oiscream arse cream
ice lolly ice loll or icey sukka
in the way / obstruction in the road{updated}
insults spaz, mong, derr-brain, spak or Monny (refers to Monyhull, the 'nuthouse'){updated}
invoice invice invoyce
irritating cough   tussock
is it not? aynit? ayitt?
is not int or taynt tay or bay
it is tennarf  
it is not tent  
it isn't Irrent Irrint
jail the clink
jeans Randerlers
joy jie ("er babby's a bungle a jie")  
kettle keckle  
Kidderminster kiddy Kidda
Kings Heath Kings Eeth Kins Eef
Kings Norton Kings Nurtun Kins Nortin
kitten   kitteng
large bosta
lawyer lya  
laze or lie around lollop, lollopping or lollopper
left handed cack-handed cag-handed
lend borrowuss  
like loik ("it guz loik a bom, loik") lyke
lilac lie-lock
line line loin
listen ark  
little lickle litkle
loin line loin
long{updated} lung
the long way around "around the Wrekin"{updated}
Longbridge Lungbridj  
to look a dekko{updated}
lunch dinna  
mail mayull mile
makes meks
man bloke ma mon or chap
maybe prapps  
method of propulsion (while sitting) used by babies before they can walk   otchin
mine moin moyn
mis-aligned skewiff skewift
money ackers or bung
more mowa mowarr
Moseley Mowzli Moezloy
moth bob howler
mother / mum mom / the old dutch ma
move   mooavv
my mi moi
New St. Station   Noo Strate Stayshun
nice nice noyce
noise nize ("shurrupp ya nizy article")  
noisy bedlum
not going to ent Baygunna
not going to have to ent gnu Aygunnyarta
not keen intstruck dow lyakk
not possible cuddna bin corsyacarnt
not sure oidernoww  
nothing nunk  
of course acawws  
ointment oinkment  
Olton Oltun Ole Tin
on her onna  
on him onnim  
orange norange
pardon? yew-wa?  
peas   pays
pickled onions pittled onions  
pile pile poil
pint pint point
places plaisizz  
point pint point
problematic palarver  
punch, smack or hit 'lamp yer one' or 'gi yer fourp'nny one' {updated}
Quarry bank   Qwarry Bonk
Quinton Quintunn Quintin
radio wyliss Rayjoe
rashers (bacon) rations
Rednal Rednull Ridnil
right rite roit
road rowd roadd
Rover Cars Works The Orstin  
Rubery Roo-Bree Ruberry
sandals sangulls  
sandwich a piece or piecy sammitch or sarny
Saturday Satdee Satadee
sausages sossy-jizz  
Scotland   Scotamaland
Selly Oak Sellioke Silly Owack
Sheldon Sheldun Sheldin
Sherbert Fountain Sherbert Dab or Kay-lie  
Shirley   Shorlee
Shut up shurrupp shuddup
silly doolally tap or doolally barmy saft or crackers
silly young woman mare bint
Skeleton skellington  
Small Heath Smorl Eef Smorliff
Smethwick Smerrick
Solihull Sowliull or Slowly Dull Sew-lee-ull
sopping wet sobbing wet
something summat  
Spangles Spandles  
strong strung  
stumped, at a loss banjaxed
stupid arfsoaked  
sty or pouk pouch
submarine   sundberine
surely fuddeffinit int arf
surprise bloimy! or gerroutonnit! arl goo tclent! or gerrout!
Sutton Coldfield Suttan Suttin Codefoiled
sweets   a bag of suck
take tek tayk
taking no notice cockin' a deaf 'un
talking canting  
Tamworth Tammuth  
tea   tay
teeth (baby) tussie pegs tuttie pegs
telephone the blower fowann
term of endearment bab
terminus turminuss tairminuss
that's right arr sroit
this afternoon safta  
this morning smornin smonin
thoroughfare (old)   orse rowed
tie tie toi
tile tile toil
to be told off to cop out{updated}
to grab holt ("gew on, grab holt onit")  
to mess   modge
to work things out   sellablige
toil tile toil
toilet larpom / bog tylitt
toilet paper bog roll
tooth tuff  
toothpaste tuffpaste  
toy tie toi
treacle treatle  
trousers slacks trazis
Tyseley Toislee Toysli
umbrella undbrella unerbrella
under-skirt showing (old) Charlie's dying  
unknown fingy or wassaname or wotsit
vice vice voice
vile vile voil
vinegar   binegar
voice vice voice
vowel valve  
waistcoat weskutt weskit
Walsall Warsall Wassal
was it not? wernit? worr it?
water worta watta
Wednesbury Wensbree Windzbree
weekend wikkend
were was warr
weren't wasn't or wornt warrn't or wor
what time is it? stoim? styamm?
what's wrong? smarra? sup?
wife err air / mutha{updated}
wife owlgel
windows windders windas
Winson Green Winsunngreen Winzin Groin
Wolverhampton Wolveramtun Wolve-Ram-Tin
Worcester Wusta
worms{updated} wurrms werrms
wrong rung
wrote writ
Yardley Yargly Yardloy
years yerrs  
yes Ow-ar ahr
yesterday yesserdee
you ya or yam
you cannot yakkarnt yo cor
yours yorn

Practiss Ya Brummidgem Sayinns.....gew on!

"Stoim?"......."Fyve an twenny pass free"

"Our untle Bert wozzon the buzziz fer yerrs, ackchewally"

"Coppolt on this poi kwik, the babby's cacked in the Moistrow"

"Jernoww ow ta get ta Livery Street mayte?"..."Ow-ar, gew right a moil beffowwa the Red Lyon"

Gew Yampy!

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