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CHEATS 'N' FEATS (w.i.p.)

Here at Virtualgaz, we are still dedicated to the arcade video game. We can assure you that the eternal quest for 'what happens next?' is alive and well here. These days, with the awesome cheat engines and save states available to we MAMEsters and Mame32-ers, we can show you hundreds of our ridiculous feats and some re-creations of our most memorable achievements during the halcyon days of arcade gaming. Whether by speeding up the fps, leaving it running all night (with a weight on the fire button) or just by amazing skill and dexterity, we give the answers to your age-old curiosities. Does round 99 go into zero? Is wave 256 the start again? What are the maximium flags? Will it roll at 999,999? Should I carry on and 'clock' it or put my name up? Does it end? What's the maximum possible score? Is the 'rainbow bonus' real?...

GAME description notes
1941 7,000,000 C
1942 15 men C the funny E represents 10
end bonus C
game over C
20,000,000 C older cheats somehow allowed scores more than 10million prior to receiving the 10million point end bonus. When this happened, the maximum possible score was 20million
20,000,000 game over C
12,000,000 C
12,000,000 C
12,000,000 we give up C
12,000,000 table C
10,000,000 table C
9,000,000 C
2,000,000 end C
2,000,000 C
max rolls C
last stage C
congratulations C
1943 3,000,000 (kai) C
3,000,000 (jap) C
64th Street 1,100,000 C
1,100,000 name C
end C
Aero Fightres 1,100,000 C
end C
Alien Syndrome end C
1,000,000 name C
Alley Master rolled C
rolled end C
end name C
Alpine Ski 199,000 C
185,000 C
Altered Beast 277,000 C
Amidar rolled C
rolled game over C
999,000 C
834,000 C
Arcade Classics 172,000 (missile command) C
991,000 (centipede) C
rolled name (centipede) C
Area 88 name C
900,000 C
8,000,000 C
Ark Area end C
congrats C
1,600,000 C
1,600,000 name C
Arkanoid 999,000 C with cheats on, the rounds carry on (with messed up gfx) after the end head
extra bricks C act as normal bricks!
end R33 name C regular game over
credits rolled C after 99credits, they are displayed in hex and symbols
R34+! C with cheats on, the rounds carry on (with messed up gfx) after the end head
1,000,000 C
rolled enemies stuck C
rolled rounds - R100 C after R100, they are displayed in hex and gfx boxes
rolled rounds - + C
rolled rounds - ++ C
rolled rounds - +++ C
rolled rounds - ++++ C
R73 C
13,500,000 (rolled) C
a half brick! C could not hit it!
9,941,000 C
14,000,000 name C cheats turned off
14,000,000 head C cheats turned off
Arkanoid2 1,000,000 C
Armed Police Batrider rolled (into A) C
rolled (into B) C
2,900,000 name C
Armored Warriors 9,000,000 C
ASO congrats C
1,500,000 name C
1,300,000 C
Asteroids wrapped extra ships C
Asteroids Deluxe rolled C
999,000 C
999,000 - bonus is 980,000 C
999,000 - bonus is 320,000 C
999,000 - bonus is 10,000 C
999,000 - bonus is 0 C
Astro Blaster rolled C
99,940 C
97,200 C
Astro Invaders R90 C
99,940 C
84,000 C
Avalanche 1,505 C
Avenging Spirit 1,000,000 C
Balloon Bomber very fine C
rolled C
99,950 C
97,000 C
78,000 C
Battle Bakraid 7,000,000 C
Battle Toads end credits C
1 hr 02 mins C
1,167 C
Battle Zone 3,434,000 board C
8,998,000 and supertank/saucer C
9,999,000 C
9,999,000 explosion C
9,999,000 name C
9,999,000 name and tanks C
10,000,000 rolled name C
10,101,000 (rolled) C
rolled C
Blaster 9,000,000 C
51,000,000 C
51,000,000 name C
Blasteroids 1,000,000 C
Blazing Star stats C
end story C
3,000,000 C
3,700,000 name C
3,700,000 table C
Block Block special bonus C
end staff C
6,400,000 name C
5,000,000 R50 C
Bombjack 3,000,000 R99 C
50,000,000 name C
77,000,000 C
99,999,000 C
99,990,000 name C
100,031,000 (rolled) C maybe the rounds roll at 1024 or 2048?
100,409,000 name (rolled) C
gfx delay C
gfx glitch C
rolled C
Boot Hill rolled C numbers cascading down the screen for each rollover
Bubble Bobble R99 C
R100 (try again) C
R100 (game not over) C
R100 not over C
R100 C
9,999,000 C
2,384,000 name C
Buck Rogers 93,000 R3-1 C
629,000 R15-6 C the digital scoreboard (overlay) rolls at 99,999 but the game doesn't!
Burger Time 313,000 C
313,000 name C
Capcom Bowl 300 C
300 name C
Captain America & The Avengers 743,000 C
Captain Tomaday 42,000 name C
Centipede 999,000 name (olympia) C
999,000 names (olympia) C
full mushrooms1 C
full mushrooms2 C
full mushrooms3 C
full mushrooms4 C
994,000 C
626,000 C
Championship Sprint 22,000 C
Changes 167,000 C
Checkman 338,000 C
904,000 C
999,000 C
99mins 58secs C
maximum cards C
rolled name C
rolled C
board fault C
card in credit C
Choplifter sortie 23 C
353,000 gfx C
rolled C
1,000,000 C
1,000,000 R35 C
City Connection rolled C
no name C
9,000,000 C
99,000,000 C
99,000km C
1,000,000 C
10,000,000 C
100,000km C
10,000km C
Cosmic Alien screen 99/0 (100) C
screen 99 C
screen 0 (100) C
rolled C
999,000 C
97 credits (max) C
806,000 C
screen 61 C
Crash 99,000 C
Crazy Climber 610,000 name C
592,000 C
321,000 C
100,000 C
Crazy Kong 961,000 (monkey donkey) C
999,000 C
bonus 9800 C
542,000 name C
499,000 C
Crime City 'having' C
105,000,000 (rolled) congrats C
105,000,000 (rolled) game over C
rolled C
Crystal Castles give up C
R10 (end) C
credit screen C
easter egg C
easter egg more C
565,000 C
441,000 C
415,000 C
Datsun 280z rolled C
Defend the Terror Attack on the Red UFO 123,000 C
Defender 999,900 C
Devil Zone 99,300 C
Dig Dug rolled C
1,081,000 (rolled) C
9men C
999,000 C
bonus 12,000 squash C
bonus 12,000 again C
Dinosaurs and Cadillacs end C
2,800,000 C
Disco Fever 108,000,000 (rolled) C
99,000,000 C
32,000,000 C
Do Run Run 325,000 C
Don Pachi 354,000 C
Double Dribble 9 hours C
Dynamite Dux 1,400,000 C
Egg Venture day 17 C
Empire Strikes Back 1,100,000 W99 C
Enduro Racer 99,999,999 max score C
max score name C
Eyes rolled C
999,000 C
Fantasy Land 1,800,000 C
Final Star Force end C
1,600,000 C
1,300,000 C
Fire Truck 170 bonus C
Flying Shark excess bombs C
area 276 C
1,000,000 C
Frogger 99,000 board C
gfx error C
99,000 C
198,000 (rolled) C
Galaga mix up1 C
mix up2 C
mix up3 C
mix up4 C
mix up5 C
mix up 6 C
mix up 7 C
stages/ships overlap C
half ship C
10 ships C
all reds C
max stages/ships C
rolled C
4,000,000 (Player 2) C
3,500,000 name C
3,500,000 stats C
3,000,000 (Player 2) C
3,000,000 (Player 1 rolled) C
stages rolled C
stage 0 C
stage 257 C
stage 255 C
stage 250 C
stage 201 C
stage 200 C
stage 197 C
stage 169 C
stage 150 C
stage 100 C
stage V (50) C
Galaga 88 9.909,000 C
9.999.999 C
9,999,999 name C
Galaxian max yellows C
w304 (max flags again) C 48 flags (plus the 256 to roll)
w266 C
w263 C
w262 C
w261 C
w260 C
w259 C
w258 C
w257 C the old 256 flags aren't removed so the new ones overlap
rolled C
credits / flags C
991,000 C
951,000 C
904,000 C
800,000 C
700,000 C
500,000 C
299,000 C
10 flags (bootleg) C
9 flags (bootleg) C
48 flags (max) C
Gang Busters 1,300,000 C
Gaplus w99 C
960,000 (bye bye) C
1,000,000 C
w100 C
1,400,000 name C
1,400,000 game over C
1,300,000 C
Gauntlet rolled C
10,000,000 (rolled) level 321 C
9,300,000 level 299 C
8,800,000 level 300 C
8,800,000 level 299 C
6,000,000 level 256 C
3,000,000 level 145 C
keys / potions / health C
Gaurdians 1,100,000 C
Gee Bee 100,000 C
Gemini Wings 9,900,000 C
9,900,000 name C
Giga Wing perfects C
impossible C
28,828,000,000,000 name C
28,828,000,000,000 C
Gimme A Break 125,000 name C
Goindol w97 C
end C
Gorf 99,000 / mission 78 C
Gradius 9,900,000 C
32,000,000 name C
32,000,000 hi-score C
32,000,000 game over C
Gravitar 67,000 board C
Great Gurianos treasure place C
284,000 C
Green Beret 106,000 C
Gunforce - Battle Fire Engulfed Terror Island 1,800,000 C
Gyruss rolled stage 99 C
997,000 stage 89 C
Halley's Comet planets rolled C
10 extras (A) C
congrats C
area 30 C
5,200,000 name C
Head On 999,000 C
Hippodrome 268,000 C
Hit and Miss 16 credits C
101,000 C
Hunchback 1,000,000 C
Hunchback Olympics rolled C
56,000 C
Hypersports zero board C
Ikari Warriors 9,999,990 game over C
9,999,990 congrats C
9,999,990 name C
Invaders Revenge rolled C
falling C
97,000 C
Irobot 1,961,000 (rolled) C
994,000 C
Joust2 507,000 C
Jungler 175,000 C
Karate Champ 999,900 C
999,000 C
990,000 name C
King and Balloon 48 cards C
136,000 C
King of Dragons 99,000,000 C
Klax wave 100 C
t-shirt C
end bonus C
10,000,000 C
10,000,000 board C
Lock 'n Chase 114,000 name C
114,000 C
Mad Planets w99 C
w100 C
2,356,000 board C
2,356,000 game over C
2,356,000 name C
2,355,000 C
Mars Matrix 143,000,000,000 C
143,000,000,000 board C
Mayday rolled C
999,000 C
980,000 C
Metamorphic Force 2,757 C
Metro-Cross time rolled C
rolled C
r26 C
9,900,000 C
1,400,000 name C
10,047,000 (rolled) name C
Mighty Pang 9,999,900 C
9,999,900 board C
9,974,000 C
level 99 board C
Millipede 999,926 C
Missile Command wrapped bullets C
Moon Cresta small ship on big C
Moon Patrol 998,000 + gfx fault C
Mouse Trap 9,919,000 C
10,000,000 crash C
Mr Do! 999,950 C
999,950 name C
157,000 on scene 36 C
diamond (yankee) C the diamond is a 25c coin in Yankee Do!
diamond stats (yankee) C
all three extras in stats C
clear screen (bootleg) C
stats (boot) C
Mr Do's Wild Ride rolled C
986,000 hi-score C
813,000 on scene1 C
813,000 board C
Narc 3,500,000 name C
Nemo gfx fault on ball C
1,281,000 name C
New Rally X round 99 C
round 101 C
round 100 C
round F1 C
round 256 C
round 137 (rolled) C
2,282,000 / round 257 game over C
10,000,000 on round 1 C
10,000,000 game over C
Nightmare in the Dark 53,000,000 C
Omega Fighter 4,200,000 name C
Outrun 93,000,000 name C
93,000,000 again C
board C
Pacland r73 C
r99 C
r100 C
156,000,000 (rolled) on round 2 - name C
89,000,000 on round 1 C
88,000,000 on round 1 C
50,000,000 round 100 C
2,500,000 round 61 C
128,000,000 on round 2 C
Pacman rolled (pirhana) C
rolled (pacplus) C
rolled (boot) on 21st key C
999,000 (boot) C
999,000 (jr pacman) C
split screen C
split screen (ms pacman) C
802,000 (ms pacman) game over C
959,000 (joyman) game over C
997,000 (hearts) C
rolled (super pacman) C
Pang end C
246,000 stage 50 name C
Paperboy trick zero reset C
trick subscription mess C
trick gfx mess C
trick start C
trick scoreboard C
trick missing gfx C
trick in progress C
trick 1,079,000,000 (next day) C
trick zero reset2 C
trick gfx tiling C
trick gfx mess4 C
trick gfx mess3 C
trick gfx mess2 C
trick end gfx mess C
trick end gfx mess2 C
trick complete C
trick board C
trick end score mess C
post trick attract mode C
post trick scoreboard C
trick giving 5,000,000 C
1,000,000 C
1,000,000 end C
Pengo 132,000 C
Penguin Bros 798,000 end C
Phoenix trick C
gfx2 C
gfx1 C
994,000 8ships C
991,000 8ships C
901,000 8ships C
619,000 8ships C
Pinball Action rolled C
99,999,000 C
99,000,000 again C
31,000,000 C
10,000,000 board C
Pleiades 973,000 (boot) C
979,000 hi-score C
Pole Position 97,000 C
83,000 C
80,000 C
Prehistoric Isle2 34,000,000 name C
Puckman Pokimon 500,000 C
500,000 name C
PuLiRuLa 362,000 end C
Punch Out 355,000 C
Punisher 9,999,900 name C
9,999,900 end C
9,999,900 board C
9,000,000 stats C
QBert 140,000 gfx corrupt (FHMCQ) C
Qix 818,000 C
Quantum 79,000 C
Quiz and Dragons 1,901,000 C
1,902,000 name C
1,902,000 end C
Rally Bike 999,000 name fault C
999,999 C
59 positions advanced C
Rampage day 768 C
Ripoff 96,800 C
86,660 C
bonus +430 C
100,220 C
Robotron easter egg C
Rygar 6,700,000 C
2,000,000 end C
1,800,000 C
walk bug C
55,000,000 / r1 C
40,000,000 / r1 C
3,000,000 C
1,800,000 r27 C
1,936,000 r27 C
Salamander 55 extras C
staff C
2,000,000 C
Scorpion 2007 credits C
Shock Troopers 5,400,000 C
Side Pocket 209,000 max time C
Simpsons 282 Bart C
Sinistar gfx error C
easter egg C
Snapjack gfx fault C
Snow Bros 888,000 end C
Space Invaders rainbow bonus C
rolled C
225,000 (earth) C
card 0 (colour) C
99,000 / max men into credits C
Space Zap 670,000 C
Speed Coin 394,000 C
394,000 board C
Spiderman 563,000 C
Splatterhouse 989,000 C round 7 repeats for 100,000pts bonus under cheats
1,089,000 C
Splendour Blast 9,999,990 board C
9,999,990 name C
109th race C
8,900,000 C
100th race C
34th race C
Star Force cleo shot C
cleo bonus C
more than 99 B's missed C
missed 66 B's C
mixed base1 C
mixed base9 C
mixed base8 C
mixed base7 C
mixed base6 C
mixed base5 C
mixed base4 C
mixed base3 C
mixed base2 C
2,600,000 board C
6,000,000 area75 C
6,000,000 name C
6,200,000 C
7,000,000 area80 C there's a bug which displays the areas as ...78, 79,*0, *1, *2...*9, 80, 81, 81...89 - so area 89 is actually 99 and 89 is displayed as the maximum furthermore (we this space)
7,000,000 area81 C
cleo at 13,000,000 C
14,000,000 name C with the standard INF missing from 'infinity'
20,000,000 C
Star Wars 66,000,000 C
66,000,000 name C
Stargate easter egg C
600,000 zowie bonus C
w99 C
w94 C
1,200,000 zowie bonus C
1,200,000 name C
1,000,000 C
Strikers 1945 plus 2,500,000 C
Super Astro Fighter 99,980 C
99,980 name C
Super Breakout 373,000 C
Super Cobra rolled C
rolled board C
991,000 C
965,000 C
Super Missile Attack 999,000 C
1,995,000 (rolled) name C
1,995,000 (rolled) board C
Superbug rolled C
990 C
Tehkan World Cup 2 - 99 C
lost in the final - board C
255 credits (max) C
victory C
world champion name C
Tempest 999,998 / w99+ C
Tetris r58 F The 1,000,000 usually occurs around R59
all reds C
all reds 2 C
999 lines F 1000 lines reset after game over
999,866 F achieved by continuing
Tetris Plus 2 10,000,000 / 408 lines C
chapter 24 / level 36 C
10,000,000 name C
The End rolled C
rolled name C
999,000 C
999,000 hi-score C
951,000 C
Thunder Fox 7,900,000 C
43,000,000 name C
38,000,000 C
Time Pilot 999,990 C
Toobin 1,200,000 nightmare F achieved by continuing
end beach party F achieved by continuing
end name F achieved by continuing
Top Speed end 426mph C
Track n Field LJ player 3 wins with 10m C
LJ speed 1515m/s C
LJ 16.91m fault C
LJ 10m rolled / speed 1509m/s C
LJ so long it wraps back to start of pit C
LJ measure error and foul metres C
LJ tiny measure C
LJ measures a foul C
LJ fall at 1,500,000 / 8men C
LJ 18.07m fault C
LJ 15.35m fault C
LJ 11m before trying C
LJ 10.71m record C
LJ 11.47m C
LJ high leap C
LJ 10.21m record C
LJ 10.18m (rolled) C
LJ 11.38m record C
LJ two 10+m on scoreboard C
LJ 0.99m (rolled) C
HJ player 4 wins with 3.20m C
HJ 2.90m / 'hight' C
HJ 2.86m / 'hight' C
HJ 2.99m / 'hight' C
HJ leaps off screen C
HJ 2.52m - big gap C
HJ running leap / missing gfx C
HJ 2.56m rolled (goes down to floor level) C
HJ superman1 C
HJ superman2 C
HJ mole bonus C
HJ wrapped jump - comes under C
HJ 3.01m completed (xxx) C
HJ player 4 at 2.99m C not possible to enter the record books
world records are zero fault C
9th match C
99 credits C
JAV bonus C
43rd match (dot) C After the hurdles (256th event), this is the last match before rolling back to '1'
42nd match (z) C the 42nd match represents 252 events (42x6), so as a result, the fourth event of the next match becomes the roll over point. When the hurdles are complete, this finished the match!
41st match (y) C
2,000,000 board F achieved on EASY with 2 man start and extras every 100,000pts
27th match (k) CC
26th match (j) C
25th match (i) C
24th match (h) C
23rd match (g) C
22nd match (f) C
21st match (e) C
20th match (d) C
19th match (c) C
18th match (b) C
17th match (a) C
16th match (blank) C
15th match (yellow speed box) C
14th match (yellow speed bar) C
13th match (speed gfx) C
12th match (speed gfx) C
11th match (blue speed gfx) C
10th match (copyright) C
JAV with high jump scoreboard C
JAV 0.19m C
JAV wrapped up - flying under C
JAV underneath 55m foul C
JAV 100m gfx fault C
JAV 100m gfx fault2 C
JAV 100m gfx fault3 C
JAV gfx corrupt C
JAV 99.61m C
HAM gfx corrupt C
HAM in crowd C
HUR speed and score fault C this shows that perhaps 100million is the rollover point
name as dots C
HMS 6.30secs C
speed 1506m/s C
Traverse USA 1,600,000 rolled C
1,600,000 name C
Turbo rolled C
r9 C
r19 C
r18 C
r17 C
r16 C
r14 C
hi name C
99,009 C
97,000 C
Tutankhmun stage 17 (back to stage 1) C
rolled C
bonus points corrupt C
bonus points corrupt2 C
999,000 C
UniWarS 100,000 C
Varth 16,000,000 C
16,000,000 name C
Waku Waku 12,600,000 C
War Of The Bugs rolled to zero C
995,000 C
rolled C
Warp Warp 48 flags C
101,000 game over C
Wonderboy 1,500,000 C
World Heroes Perfect 9,700,000 C
Xevious easter egg (bootleg) C
XMen 773 C

Oh yeah, a lot of these games were played under the first F12 versions of MAME and now appear as jpegs (rather than the original bitmaps). Some images have suffered from the conversion (but, thankfully, most had a 90% reduction in file size!).

If there's a game you've mastered or cheated bigtime on, send us a set of captures and/or commentary for inclusion. Too busy or not sad enough? No problem - we do requests too! Is there a better way to spend your 30's and 40's? We don't think so...

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